Presencing Mastery as a Relational and Iterative Way of Knowing and Being


  • Beatriz Carrillo, Ph.D. University of Sydney Author



Theory U, u.lab, relational capacities, presencing mastery


This article uses the case study of a social innovation hub formed as part of the u.lab MOOC at a Sino-British university, to outline the ways in which Theory U’s integrative framework alongside the experiential learning and contemplative practices embedded in u.lab can be used to develop core capacities for presencing mastery. Presencing is understood here as a relational and iterative process that, when supported by epistemic and ontological shifts, guides the locus of presencing mastery to be informed by the pattern and quality of relationships, with one’s inner knowing and among individuals in a group. The article positions Theory U as a holistic framework for individuals and groups to engage and integrate the cognitive, emotional, relational, and spiritual dimensions of theirs and the group’s presencing. It identifies empathic listening, supported by awareness-based contemplative practices in u.lab, as key for developing relational and embodied forms of presencing mastery. 




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Presencing Mastery as a Relational and Iterative Way of Knowing and Being. (2024). International Journal of Presencing Leadership & Coaching, 1(1), 72-81.