Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions

IJPLC Issue #1 | Developing Presencing Mastery

Inquiry: What is needed to develop presencing mastery (i.e., to make the shift from presencing as a way of knowing to a deeper sustained, and sustaining, generative way of being) that grows to become second nature in our leadership, coaching, life, and work? Submissions for this issue should focus on key aspects of presencing mastery; in other words, the skillful means, core capacities, abilities and inner wisdom needed to develop a more advanced (robust, fluid and sufficiently deep) mastery-level practice of presencing in leadership and coaching contexts. 

IJPLC Issue #2 | Presencing Embodiment

Inquiry: Given the current literature on presencing embodiment, what new forms and interior processes impart helpful insight into the embodiment process in leadership and coaching? What blind spots, limiting assumptions or oversights currently exist with the deeper embodiment of presencing individually or collectively? What subtle and inner practices have been absent from this conversation for leaders and coaches to date? Submissions for this issue are encouraged to explore perspectives that cultivate and deepen our embodiment wisdom, attempting new inroads into developing the deeper untapped embodied potential of presencing?

IJPLC Issue #3 | Collective Leadership

Inquiry: In what ways does presencing support collective leadership in theory and in practice? How does collective leadership function beyond the formal roles, characteristics and traits of conventional leadership and how does presencing support and catalyze this development? What challenges exist for presencing in the context of collective leadership and how might presencing shed new light upon collective leadership approaches, models and communities? 

IJPLC Special Issue | Presencing Coaching

Inquiry: How does the work of presencing connect to coaching theory and practice? How does a presencing-based coach work with clients in terms of their methodological approach to presence, source, and the overall process? What challenges do coaches face with their clients that presencing might effectively address with its coaching approach, model and frameworks? What innovations does presencing-based coaching offer to the field?

If you wish to submit an article to be published with one of the three above upcoming IJPLC Issues, read the Author Guidelines and submit your article using the link in the top of the page. If you don’t have a account, you will have to register before make a submission. 

Future Submissions

Concerning future submissions, the International Journal of Presencing Leadership & Coaching encourages original contributions that include but are not limited to developing upon the following thematic areas in leadership and coaching contexts:

  – presencing ways of knowing (epistemological)
  – presencing ways of being (ontological)
  – presencing forms of embodiment (subtle, inner and physical processes and forms)
  – presencing forms of transformation (inner as well as outer varieties)
  – the role(s) and purpose of presence (thin, deep and other ontological accounts)
  – the role(s) and purpose of one’s presencing identity (varied accounts of the presencing self)
  – the role(s) and purpose of the presencing field (different locations and conceptualizations)
  – the role(s) and purpose of presencing awareness (different forms and prototypes)
  – the role(s) and purpose of presencing practice (from in-the-moment to foundational formats)
  – different approaches and paths for cultivating presencing mastery
  – exploring the developmental implications of presencing (states and stages of consciousness)
  – rethinking the aims and goals of presencing practice (teleological)
  – ethical implications and framings of presencing practice (axiological)
  – temporal focus of presencing (i.e., emerging future, past, deep present, eternal)
  – rethinking presencing interfaces (at the bottom of the U, as well as other locations)
  – rethinking different pathways and ways of connecting to source at the bottom of the U
  – rethinking the role of presencing stillness in the context of inner movement
  – the process of presencing in conversation vs in solitude

Future issues will draw from perspectives that explore the above and other thematic areas of presencing research. If one or more of the above areas are of particular interest or for future publishing queries in general, please email your questions, proposal or initial submission to the Editor in Chief, Olen Gunnlaugson at 

The International Journal of Presencing Leadership & Coaching aims to publish one periodic journal per year in June and welcomes year-round submissions for each annual issue.