Nurturing Relational Forms of Presencing Mastery


  • Jessica Bockler Author



presencing mastery, communities of practice, integrative practice, holistic change facilitation, play, deep participation, intercorporeality, other ways of knowing, inner work, active receptivity


Drawing on a body of collaborative work in communities of practice and research exploring holistic approaches to social transformation, in this article I discuss how a triune of community, deep participation, and embodied play may aid the cultivation of presencing mastery. For the purposes of this article, I explore presencing as a relational practice, the mastery of which requires us to come into fuller, more conscious engagement with ourselves, one another, and the world at large. To enable the deepening of each of these relationships, I make the case for integrative inner work, cultivating participatory ways of knowing that go beyond cognitive intelligence and that tap somatic, emotional, social, ecological, and spiritual insights. I posit that such integrative whole-person development is central for presencing mastery to be realised.  I also discuss how communities of practice provide essential scaffolding on this journey, helping us to address our blind spots and automaticities in perception, thought and action. Creative practices and embodied play can be greatly beneficial here, loosening perceptual filters and enabling between us more open, receptive, and fluid states of consciousness that provide a kaleidoscopic appreciation of our inner and outer worlds and their complexities.

Author Biography

  • Jessica Bockler

    JESSICA BOCKLER, Ph.D. is an applied artist and transpersonal psychologist who has spent the past two decades exploring how integrative practices, spiritual wisdom and creativity can catalyse individual and collective transformation. Jessica is a co-founding director of the Alef Trust, a global provider of transpersonal and integrative education. She is the research lead of Alef Trust’s Conscious Community Initiative which galvanises and supports projects for human flourishing, social justice, peace and sustainability. She is a certified Sesame practitioner (Sesame Institute) and a Warm Data Lab host (Bateson Institute), combining expressive arts and imagination with deep dialogue practices to help people address local and global challenges.

    Jessica is an academic advisor for the Inner Development Goals initiative, and she is a member of the Presencing Institute’s research community, acting as reviewer for the Journal of Awareness-based Systems Change and as editorial board member for The International Journal of Presencing Leadership and Coaching. Jessica is also an active member of the UN’s Conscious Food Systems Alliance where she contributes to research and publications. Lastly, she holds memberships with the British Psychological Society and the Royal Society for Public Health, and she is a fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufacture and Commerce which is dedicated to global social innovation. 




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