Developing Presencing Mastery

Drawing from the Works of Theory U, Dynamic Presencing, Mindfulness Practice and Systems Being


  • Roderick Campbell Author
  • Marty Jacobs Author



presencing mastery, mindfulness, systems thinking, presencing leadership, Theory U, organizational equanimity


This article presents a leadership practice directed towards the cultivation of presencing mastery through the integration of Theory U, Dynamic Presencing, Systems Thinking management theories, and a Buddhist-based mindfulness practice as a method of leadership and organizational development. Each of these modalities are explored to gain insight into enhancing a leader’s overall ability to lead viable organizational systems amidst current VUCA conditions. The article posits that capacities that cultivate presencing mastery are enhanced in particular ways through an overall integration of Theory U and Dynamic Presencing, as well as through a mindfulness and systems thinking and being practice, leading to more effective overall presencing leadership. As a whole, these progressive approaches reorient the pursuit of presencing mastery as an essential component of an integral organizational systems leadership framework.

Author Biographies

  • Roderick Campbell

    RODERICK CAMPBELL, Ph.D. is an organizational systems research scientist and consultant. He has extensive experience in the areas of applied systems thinking and practice, social science, and leadership in public service governance systems. He has over 30 years consulting, teaching and systemic coaching and holds advance degrees in public administration and social and systems sciences. His research interests include Servant and Transformational Leadership, Systems Thinking in Policy and Organizational Sustainability. His publications include scholarly articles on systems approaches to management, social science, and systems leadership. He is founder and principal of Roderick Campbell Consulting, LLC, a mindfulness, coaching and consulting practice. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area. 

  • Marty Jacobs

    MARTY JACOBS, Ph.D. is a transformative change consultant focusing on applying dialogue, systems thinking, and mindfulness to organizational systems. She has over 30 years of teaching, consulting, and facilitating in the areas of strategic planning, organizational learning, systems sciences, gender equity, board and leadership development, community and civic engagement, organization development, and dialogue. Her research interests include dialogue, meaning making, and transformative and organizational learning, as well as complex adaptive systems and systems sciences. Her publications include a series outlining the five disciplines of organizational learning and their integration, approaches to and cases of effective community engagement, multi-sector transformational change, meaning making at the edge of chaos, and systems and complexity sciences in relation to transformative learning. She has been a practitioner of mindfulness for nine years and works to integrate mindfulness and a systems approach with leadership. She makes her home in the small community of Thetford, VT. 




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