Progression Towards Presencing Mastery With a Growth Mindset and Theory U

A Practitioner's Spiritual Journey


  • Praline Ross Author



growth mindset, leadership, presencing, spirituality, surrender, Theory U


Contemporary discourse surrounding leadership, creates a context for presencing mastery as a practice. Globally, we are living in times of disruption, with institutions failing because of a blindness to the inner core of understanding with respect to transformation and leadership (Scharmer, 2018). Corruption is endemic in South Africa, with a lack of accountability and mindful leadership through standardization of systems that no longer serve the people. It is argued that an inner shift needs to occur where one is able to broaden one’s thinking capacity to think beyond the self (ego) and move from ego-system awareness, centred around care for oneself only, towards eco-system awareness, centred around care for the benefit of all (Scharmer and Käufer, 2013; Scharmer, 2018). When this inner shift takes place in leadership, conditions for activating “wisdom-based leadership development become present” (Gunnlaugson, 2021, p. 4). I argue further that this inner shift can only occur when you surrender to the Divine Presence within. 

Author Biography

  • Praline Ross

    PRALINE ROSS DBA is a Mindset & Heartset Practitioner, focusing on the power of thoughts and emotions in controlling behaviour. She is the Chairperson of the Africa Wellness Foundation (NPO) – “your beacon of hope in the struggle between the Mind and Heart”, specialising in Mindset Coaching, Leadership Development and Organizational Change. With a vision to place Ubuntu at the heart of all training initiatives – “I AM because YOU are, I AM because WE are”, this non-profit, places the human element and spirituality at the core of all wellness training initiatives. She is the South African Wellness Ambassador for World Digital Detox Day, a movement that helps people to lead a balanced and holistic life by turning off devices and tuning in to the Divine Presence within for mental wellbeing. She is also the co-facilitator of the Global Inner Development Goals Practitioner Network, a co-creative space for Change Agents who believe that to effect societal change, personal development is necessary first. Dr Ross is an advocate for Servant Leadership and uses her gifts in service to others. As a professional singer she uses music as a form of healing in churches, schools and the greater community, uplifting and transforming one life and one community at a time. 




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