Reclaiming the Ontotelic Depths of our Presencing Nature

An Onto-Perceptual Approach to Presencing Mastery in Dynamic Presencing Coaching


  • Olen Gunnlaugson Université Laval Author



presencing, Ontotelic, soul, flow, presencing mastery, transformational way of being


In this article, I introduce the notion of the Ontotelic to bring attention to a significant blindspot within existing presencing theory and practice: the ontological nature and source of the presencing self, which plays a formative role in activating as well as sustaining a deeply embodied overall presencing perception in the presencing field. Foundational to reclaiming the depths of presence of our presencing self in the work of Dynamic Presencing Coaching (Gunnlaugson, 2024a, 2024b, forthcoming; Proches, C. et al., 2024), apprenticing with the Ontotelic depth-dimensions of our being plays a critical role in establishing necessary preconditions for developing a robust presencing perception from the five level-depths of presence that constitute our deeper presencing nature within the presencing field (Gunnlaugson, forthcoming). 

Author Biography

  • Olen Gunnlaugson, Université Laval

    OLEN GUNNLAUGSON, Ph.D. serves as an Associate Professor in Leadership & Coaching within the Department of Management in the EQUIS, AACSB & PRME accredited Business School at Université Laval, in Québec, Canada. With an interdisciplinary research background in presencing leadership and coaching development, he received his Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia and did his Post-Doctorate at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.

    To date, his current and forthcoming research has been published internationally in 15 edited books as well as over 50 articles and chapters in leading academic journals and books. He has presented and keynoted at numerous international conferences and received five prestigious faculty level awards for excellence in teaching from universities in Canada and the USA. Over the past twenty years in his Master-level classes, he has taught and coached several thousand students (mainly emerging leaders, managers and executives) at universities in Canada, USA, Austria, Sweden, South Africa and South Korea.

    Globally, his current research focuses on supporting those leaders, managers and coaches who aspire to develop personal mastery in leading their lives and work from an inner place of deeply resourced presence, presencing and embodied practical wisdom. Connected with this work, over the past decade he has served as lead editor of the academic-practitioner book, "Perspectives on Theory U: Insights from the Field" as well as the three volume book series, "Advances in Presencing." Recently he stepped into the thought leadership role as editor in chief of the new International Journal of Presencing Leadership & Coaching to continue building this exciting new field of applied practice.







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