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The International Journal of Presencing Leadership & Coaching (IJPLC) is an annual peer-reviewed publication focusing on contributing to the greater emerging global field of presencing research. Supportive of presencing scholarship that has the potential to break new ground and further evolve practice, the IJPLC encourages a broad cross section of traditional and progressive research methods. The IJPLC invites emerging presencing approaches that foster new thinking, research and practice that further this vein of inquiry in leadership and coaching contexts [More >>>.].

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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2024): Developing Presencing Mastery
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Welcome to the Inaugural Issue of the International Journal of Presencing Leadership & Coaching. In this volume, our authors delve into the subject of Developing Presencing Mastery. Among the different inquiries being taken up in greater depth, a number of authors address a growing central question of practice within the field. This question concerns the development of the deeper potentials of presencing from its current expression as a way of knowing into an overall generative way of being that we can access in our leadership, coaching practices and lives as a whole. In examining some of the skillful means, practices and frameworks that support this key development, this first issue brings visibility to a subject that  increasingly concerns both presencing practitioners and researchers alike.

Published: 2024-06-21

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